BokuBaby born of a Fashion Photographer, Stylist, Editor, and Mom February 03, 2015 16:02

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Very much like the birth of my son, is the current ongoing 9 months of pregnancy for BokuBaby filled with occasional morning sickness and nausea from the excitement and anxiety of not knowing what is to come. Here we are at the tail end of April at week 20 and BokuBaby is due in a mere 4 months. I can say that it is the product of blood, sweat, and tears but its more like the product of 9 years of fashion photography coupled with working as a fashion editor in NYC mixed with styling celebrities for magazine shoots. All of this of course induced by the real blood, sweat, and tears of giving birth to a baby boy and subsequently realizing that all my years of fashion passion have now channeled into making this little screaming monster look halfway decent. The dilemma all new mothers of boy's soon face:  Where does one shop for stylish baby boy clothes? 

All stores are stocked with about a 80/20 rule it seems, 80% girls clothes, 20% boys. Mommy blogs agree. It almost seemed like a fact of life to just accept the fact that little boy's must grow up in oversized cargo pants, cartoon tees, and sports sandals. Meanwhile in Instagram land, a revolt was growing, a very stylish toddler Alonso Mateo gained over 500K followers that prompted a heap of moms to start sharing their boy's fashion. Men's fashion magazines this year started publishing articles on dressing little men and fashion trade shows are starting to focus specific showrooms just for kids fashion, albeit still girl centric.

So what does mommy do? When you see a need, fill it. BokuBaby wants to serve as Boy Styling Central. We seek out stylish brands all across the world including very classic European and French brands as well as stylish asian trends from Korea and Japan. Our aesthetics are simple, classy, and modern. We don't want little man to look like an old man per se but we want to be a part of your revolution on redefining baby boy style. BokuBaby will also debut its own line this year! Lot's to look forward to! 

So here we are, busy working away towards a good third trimester. We hope you'll follow us and join us on Instagram!