Concept Korea: Why Source in Seoul? June 02, 2015 18:06

Sitting in a cozy coffee shop corner in the middle of a Hanok (traditional Korean home) village was probably the epiphany of what Korean style has become. Eliciting a laid back European atmosphere within a historical exterior yet serving fresh and new coffee concoctions like purple yam lattes (delicious). It seems Korea really has hit the bulls eye when it comes to creating new out of the old. Among the top fashion trending cities in the world, Seoul has been creeping up into the mainstream spotlight. Last year's New York Fashion Week featured a government sponsored program called Concept Korea to feature a host of emerging Korean fashion designers to showcase their talent to the world. Seoul Fashion Week itself has only been around for 5 short years yet the country has taken the world's fashion scene by storm. Korea has long been known for its production of unique and innovative textiles but wasn't until recently that designers were starting to receive world wide recognition creating a 30 billion dollar fashion and textile industry.

The hype of Korea did not disappoint. As BokuBaby trekked to Seoul's center of fashion distribution to source from local Korean designers, our goal was simple: small factories, made in Korea, unique, trendy, and 100% wearable. These pieces although more delicate than its mass production counterparts (i.e. washing machine OK, dryer not) had all the qualities that we love at BokuBaby. It mirrored what Korean's call the "soft look" for children. Soft to the touch, soft to cuddle, and drapes softly on baby. The styles and prints were one of a kind and casual enough for everyday cuddle-wear. This summer the color palette is muted. Natural off whites with soft shades of gray and olive like the warm sun through a glass paned window in a cozy coffee shop. We can't wait to discuss and show off some of the best designers that we found. Share in the adventure and shop our Concept Korea collection this July!