Boys Wear Skinny Suits?? : A Change in Perspective August 11, 2015 18:26

I love when sharing the concept of a baby boy's fashion store, I often get is a polite but befuddled reaction and the question we'd all like to answer, "Boys wear skinny suits?". We never hear that about girls and tulle dresses or skinny jeans and miniskirts but somehow its a hard concept to wrap our minds around when we shift our topic to boys. Fashion is a direct mirror of the time and age of our society and what we wear reflects our cultural norms. In the early twentieth century, toddlers used to wear breeches and boots and younger boys even wore gowns that we may  mistakenly take for a dress. That's probably a trend we're glad to have gotten rid of.

Today more than ever, more and more men are starting to care about the way they dress leading to an onslaught of men's styling websites like Mrporter, realmenrealstyle, and the Urbangentlemen as well as men's subscription styling services for guys who are too lazy to pick out what they want but have the desire to look trendy: bombfell, trunkclub, etc.

The trend towards men's beauty and fashion is an upward movement and with it comes the styling of younger men and little boys. However, like the way we adapt women's fashion for little girls, we need to take the same approach for little boys, and adapt it to fit their age and personality. A suit for a boy dressed casually to go to brunch with mom is the equivalent of a little girl in a princess dress, a crown, and some cute kitten heels.

The other two questions we'd like to take a look at is price and comfort. For price I'd really like to point out the concept of a capsule wardrobe. Not sure what that is? Read this. In a few words, capsule wardrobe is pulling out a few pieces of clothing that you can wear in many different ways to unclutter your closet and put more mileage into more quality pieces. Too often, we buy tons of tee shirts and shorts on sale that end up being worn once or twice and then donated. We'd much rather prefer a nice tee that doesn't lose shape in a style and color that can be worn with many different looks. That can be a whole topic in its own and we'll tackle that topic in detail some other day. On the topic of comfort, we somehow assume that boys dressed nice automatically entails their wearing too tight pieces in rough scratchy textures. Fit and comfort should are not be minimized when it comes to dressing stylishly hence we always pick fabrics that are soft and gentle to the touch and pieces that are stretchable and adjustable to our little boy's growth. It comes down to a change in perspective of what we assume and expect our little boys to look like.

Have a little boy? We'd love to hear your thoughts!