Up in The Air: Kids Travel Style August 28, 2015 18:09

OK, let's start out with the fact that we're not oblivious to the fact that when traveling with a young child, the last thing on your mind is how well dressed they look at the airport checkin. We make a lot of international trips with our kid and its not easy. As moms, we have to load an entire daycare's worth of toys, travel food, and smart gadgets to ensure that we'll have a somewhat tolerable travel experience with our children. But let's just say, hypothetically, that we give our kids travel wardrobe the same amount of forethought as our own. It would have to be comfortable, able to adjust to both warm and cold temperature changes as we travel through airports, planes, and taxis, shoes that can be taken off easily, and an outfit that they can easily sleep in, and yes stylish. 

So here's a little formula for what we like to call effortless well traveled chic:

1. Bottoms - Instead of PJ bottoms, opt for some comfy sweats that speak athletic-chic. Stylish enough to wear on the streets and comfortable enough for falling asleep in whatever position he so chooses.

2. Tops - We love thin tees that come in soft materials and neutral tones, they keep him cool and can pair with a variety of colors. 

3. Overshirt - To prepare for cold plane rides, instead of a jacket, a jean shirt that can be wrapped around his waste when warm and worn over his tee is a good option. We especially love how the worn out jean shirt finish adds to the the disheveled well traveled hunk look.  

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Pants (from L to R) - Appaman blue sweats, Appaman black sweats, Appaman Parker sweats in black, Star Harems (Black), Star Harems (White)

Tops: Butter tee (olive), Astronaut T by 3 Pommes

Outershirt - Appaman jean shirt

In our case, the bowl cut completed our look.

Travel safe! :)

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