10 Shoes Every Trendy Little Street Style Boy Needs September 30, 2015 20:15

Ah shoes, the final touch that can make an otherwise boring outfit stand out. We don't sell shoes at BokuBaby (at least not yet) but that doesn't mean we don't have an opinion. We love shoes, who doesn't? But we also know that when it comes to kids, shoes can be outgrown within a month or two so it's not particularly practical to spend a few hundred bucks on Italian leather booties. So here's what we rated our shoe list by: comfort, style, price, and timelessness (so we can get more wears with little siblings, nephews, and even if we donate).

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1. The Chukka boot or Desert Boots
We particularly love the Florsheim Chukka in blue with red sole, it stands out yet is toned neutral enough to match almost any outfit. Priced under 41$.
2. The Black Chelsea Boot
The one we bought was Blundstone 531 Pull on Chelsea, its soft around the ankles and not too tight around the foot. Many Chelsea boots are hard to wear for kiddos due to its rigid ankle leather but these fit perfectly and doesn't retrain walking or running. A pair in black cost under $42.
3. The white high top Converse Chuck Taylor
If there is an all time most wearable and timelessly stylish shoe, we'd vote the white high top Converse Chuck Taylor. Priced at under $37, this was our favorite shoe that lasted a whole year for my baby boy. It spells model-off-duty, simple and classic.
4. A good pair of canvas slip on's
Every brand practically sells canvas slip-ons these days from Toms to Gap and Old Navy, you can practically pick one up anywhere. However we love these by Sanuk that has a white canvas top and a thicker sole. 
5. Brown Loafers - Umi
Why brown? If we got to pick one color only, black is a little to dress of a color of a dressy shoe. Brown matches both formal and casual and doesn't stick out as much as red. Umi makes amazingly comfortable shoes, if we were to start selling shoes, we'd carry the line. The leather is soft and fit is always great. This pair is $80, a little pricier but for the quality and material its worth it.
6. A Pair of Trendy Brogues
Not too shiny, not too pointy, just round and stout like our little feet. This pair again by Florsheim is super comfortable and is around $36. We love both the off white and the brown, if in doubt, choose brown.
7. Kids Stan Smith Adidas sneakers
The IT shoe of Spring but still going strong. Adult Stan Smiths are being sold for over $200 on second markets due to its long wait list and ability to sell out within an hour on all major retail sites. Kids ones, are a little easier to get their hands on. But nothing spells, we know trendy like a little boy wearing a pair of Stan Smith.
8. Kids' Sneaker New Balance
New Balance was first known for comfort before style until someone decided to spread the New Balance insanity on New York's fashion week street styles. Then the shoe exploded in 2013, no longer the IT shoe as it got replaced by Adidas, its still the shoe of choice for comfort and style in our books. We chose red here but we love navy blue and denim blue as well, priced around $40.
9. Kids Teva Sandals
We can't explain it but somewhere along the line, Norm-Core hit the children's market and now Tevas are in style and they are, in fact making a statement with trendy kids around the world. The trick is not to wear it with something equally casual like cargo shorts and an over sized Tee-shirt but with dressier slim pants and a nautical striped tee or something that spells more chic. You can grab one for as low as $14 and hey, they can go play in the puddle all the want with the sandals.
10. Kids Birkenstocks
These sandals are ultra comfortable and easy to wear. Like the Teva, the Birks speak street style and kids versions are around $48. We've found that these go well with so many outfits, as seen in our capsule wardrobe post.
We hope you've enjoyed our top 10 list, share yours and let us know if there are any others we've missed!